The menstrual period in the lives of women requires them to take utmost care of themselves in every way. Having a balanced diet and maintaining their intimate hygiene is extremely crucial. But besides keeping the health in check during menstruation, menstrual hygiene is a way to prevent several life-threatening diseases. Here are a few diseases that one is likely to have if the menstrual hygiene is not taken care of -

Urogenital Tract Infections
One of the major risks of not maintaining menstrual hygiene is getting urogenital tract infections. Many researches have strengthened the theory of women getting urogenital tract infections, if they wear sanitary napkins for longer than they are supposed to. This can also be caused by using dirty clothes during menstruation.  Therefore, using clean sanitary napkins is the best and the most medically fit option during menstruation which eventually safeguards one from getting urogenital infections.

Urogenital infections can get acute if not looked into within time. It can tremendously affect the genitalia as well as the urinary system. 

Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is caused when one is not strict about maintaining menstrual hygiene. One must wash hands before and after handling the sanitary napkins. If they are touched directly with dirty hands, there are high risks of infection. Yeast infections are common in such cases. One might even get Hepatitis B if the condition seems worsened. Both of these infections are going to adversely affect the normal working of the urogenital tract as well as the intimate regions. 

Bacterial Vaginosis
Bacterial vaginosis is the imbalance in the ratio of good and bad bacteria in the vaginal region of a woman's body. One of the major causes of bacterial vaginosis is the absence of maintenance of hygiene during menstruation. However, there can be other causes like unprotected intercourse. The symptoms include vaginal itching and abnormal discharging.  

Cervical Cancer

One of the most life-threatening diseases that one can get due to improper menstrual hygiene is cervical cancer. Cervix is the region at the junction of the vaginal cavity and the uterus. A malignant overgrowth of cells is seen in the cervical region if a person is suffering from cervical cancer. This condition doesn't get treated fast and the patient takes time for recovery. In many cases people don't recover from it. 

Clouded by taboos and socio- cultural constraints, adolescent girls lack awareness and remain ignorant of the scientific facts and sanitary health practices, which can occasionally have a negative impact on their health. 

Enactus's 'Project Shrimati' aims at spreading awareness regarding menstrual hygiene and various important things pertaining to the same. Additionally, we manufacture  resuable sanitary pads that are safe and hygienic to use, given its high absorbency and anti bacterial properties. Enactus is working to break the taboo on menstruation, through spreading the awareness about feminine hygiene; an aspect every woman deserves to know. 


Afeefa Ansari

Afeefa Ansari hails from Bareilly, aka 'The Jhumka City'. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors in English Literature from Jamia Millia Islamia. Listening to people, walking around aimlessly to ponder over things, and eating is what excites her! If you are into Urdu Poetry, you are already best friends with her. She loves reading the works of people in English, Hindi and Urdu, and herself writes poems and stories. Not just to write, but to narrate her stories is what she likes. She's classical music, and is always in for jamming with the music enthusiasts. P.S - Will always be seen with books, coffee and flowers in her hand.