Health in Every Sip


Amongst those employed, 94% of the total women workers in the informal sector have no social security. Recognizing the need for a consistent source of income for these women, we developed "Project Imdaad"; a sustainable business model simulated by a naturally crafted healthy and refreshing drink ‘ZipSip’. Made using Indian Sarsaparilla– a natural body coolant with medicinal properties, ZipSip offers a healthy alternative to the sugary and carbonated drinks available in the market.


We aim at manufacturing a healthy alternative for carbonated drinks using the Indian Sarsaparilla, by employing and empowering underprivileged women of the Jasola community


Our product “ZipSip” is made from the syrup of Indian Sarsaparilla roots, which acts as a natural body coolant with additional medicinal properties that help to curb respiratory diseases, diarrhea as well as numerous skin ailments. Our product comprises of the syrup which is extracted from the roots of this plant and also specific portions of other natural ingredients, giving it a shelf life of three weeks without any preservative.

Sold vastly in recyclable cups, ZipSip has achieved staggering sales of 16,080 units in various corporate events and college fests across Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Aligarh. Marketing our drink at food festivals such as Lil Flea, and online campaigning has also helped us promote our drink extensively.


  • Providing sustainable livelihood opportunities for the socio-economically deprived section of the society.
  • Generating larger revenue for the community by eliminating as many middlemen as possible.
  • Empowering underprivileged women to become independent and self-sufficient, and helping them in reaching out to potential markets.
  • Producing a healthy, unadulterated, naturally manufactured drink by using Indian Sarsaparilla that is known for its cooling and body purifying properties. Sarsaparilla also helps in curbing respiratory diseases, diarrhea, as well as various skin ailments
  • Our future ventures include enrolling these women in the “Learn and Earn” scheme under the Ministry of Minority Affairs and partnering with local nurseries to cultivate our own Sarsaparilla roots.


  • Enabling the underprivileged community to build a better life by providing them a well-grounded business model.
  • Encouraging the members of the aimed group to expand their market outside the local domain.
  • Helping the children of Jasola community to get enrolled in the Learn and Earn scheme launched by the Government of India.


  • The Jasola community learnt the potential of modern technology and marketing.
  • The project has targeted various UN goals such as poverty, general equality, economic growth, etc.
  • The revenue generation of the Jasola community has increased exponentially as the drink is now tetra packed and sold in college fests, cafes, supermarkets and departmental stores.
  • By procuring a license from FSSAI marking Zipsip safe for consumption, our drink has successfully been made available in cafes like Khan Baba, Hygienic, T-square and eight college canteens. These cafes, having partnered with Zomato, helped widen our market base effectively without letting the present challenges hinder it.
  • The students have benefited themselves with profound understanding of dignity of labour.


We seek to fulfill the three aspects of need: The social and the economic needs of the community and the environmental needs of our planet.


  • Empowering the women of underprivileged communities in becoming independent and self-sufficient.
  • Targeting the youth of India and giving them a better alternative to carbonated drinks, with various health benefits.
  • Helping the community to generate a regular pay and improve connectivity.


  • Strategically marketing our product in Delhi, to earn decent revenues.
  • Selling the product in college canteens, nearby cafes and various fests.
  • Tetra packing the drink to be sold at departmental stores and supermarkets.


  • Healthy alternative to synthetic products and carbonated drinks as it is purely natural
  • Reduction of carbon footprint.
  • Promotes the farming of the Indian Sarsaparilla plant.